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Tool of Advertising

January 28th, 2009

According to CEO Worldwide of Saatchi & Saatchi, Kevin Roberts, I am a tool incapable of making my own decisions.

With no trace of irony, he writes;

We still need advertising to guide us through the complicated world we live in. We need advertising to help us make smart choices. We need advertising to connect us and entertain and inspire us with the possibilities of the future.

Apparently the movies are actually mere filler for the entertainment of the advertisements that precede them and my cellphone is no longer sufficient to connect me to my friends and family. God forbid I actually do something as low-tech as go see them in some location that precludes his persistent message. I wouldn’t really be connecting with them at all!

Having reminded us of our own short comings, he then tells us that in actual fact, we are so very clever after all, because the next sentence states;

We need advertising because it is based on the simple idea that people can be trusted to make their own decisions.

The obvious point is that we can only make good decisions – ‘good’ in this context obviously being that which betters ourselves and the economy by buying more consumer goods with no production value and as a completely accidental side effect, keeping him employed – when it’s been repeatedly beaten into us, Joseph Goebbels style. Clearly the only rational response is to abandon our own decision making processes in favour of the pre-chewed decisions from our benevolent intellectual masters at the advertising agencies.

It’s simple, as soon as we stop saving money, and start maxing out our credit cards again, this global financial crises will be over.

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