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The Saga Continues – My HP Mini 1000 and BIOS Passwords

May 12th, 2009 5 comments

Dear Lazyweb…

I have managed to set the BIOS password on my netbook (HP Mini 1000), and subsequently forget it. Since the techs want to charge me $25 more than the price of a new model to replace the motherboard – despite what the Maintenance and Service Guide says on page 34 – briefly, pull out the BIOS battery – I am looking at other methods.

There are murmurings around the interwebs about unhash passwords. If I knew what the hash function was, I would quite happily write a program to brute force the BIOS password.

Can anyone help? Once I get the netbook back, I intend to try pulling it apart, and removing the battery, but failing that, I’m at a bit of a loss.

Update: It appears that the battery was removed, since the laptop now complains about the date and settings being missing – but it still requests a password. According to the docket, the password is in EEPROM, and cannot be reset this way. Also, what I thought was the bios hash, is in fact the serial number. *sigh*

However, if I do replace the motherboard, is possible to import them from the states, at USD$170, which is less than half the price quoted to me.

UPDATE 13-July-2010: This page has turned out to be one of the most popular on my blog. So popular that it turns up in the top five google search results for “reset hp mini bios password”.

It turns out that there’s a bunch of companies that will generate password keys for based on the hash code. Since none of them contacted me via email, and instead tried to spam the comments as ‘concerned users’, I’ve deleted those those comments through, and below you can find the URL for Dogbert’s blog posting with code and programs (Windows and Python for everything else) to generate those passwords yourself. For free.

Note: I no longer have the locked motherboard, so I can’t tell if the programs on the above page works or not.