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Buying New Zealand Made: Slippers

June 23rd, 2010 2 comments

Sheepskin slippers from Golden Fleece via NatureShop
Since I’m completely useless at crafting a cohesive argument at the moment, you can read my totally scintillating story of my (New Zealand made) slippers. They were made by Golden Fleece New Zealand, and shipped to me by Nature Shop for the princely sum of $64.00 including shipping.

I ordered the slippers on a Saturday, which shipped on Monday morning from Tauranga, and they turned up early Tuesday morning.

In hindsight, I probably should have shelled out an extra $40 and picked up sheepskin boots, as without socks, I suffer greatly from cold ankle syndrome. Otherwise, they are quite toasty, despite being very light.

Golden fleece states on on their website that they manufacture “mens and womens slippers… ….using only the best quality sheepskin available”. I find that hard to believe. The slippers are not poorly made as such, but “best quality” is pushing it. Still, the construction is solid, and $64 for New Zealand made, carbon neutral footwear is a damn good deal.

And yes, I totally stole the image from the Nature Shop website.

Buying New Zealand Made: Woollen Jacket from Mandatory

June 9th, 2010 Comments off

Green Wool Jacket, Mandatory Clothing One green wool jacket from Mandatory (108 Cuba Mall). Price; $380.

Would not look out of place while worn riding in the cupola of an army tank. Like all such military inspired gear, if I make the effort, it can look quite dashing, and if I haven’t shaved, it makes me look a bum.

The jacket is decently warm for something so thin, and does an excellent job of keeping the wind and rain out. The construction is decent, if slightly plain. The pockets are good though, using some creative stitching to keep the front storage pockets closed without fasteners, as well as providing separate hand pockets from the side. My only complaints is that the zip is about 1.5 cm short of the collar, which is somewhat annoying when you want to bundle up for that really cold weather. It would also be nice if it had been finished in merino, rather than standard wool, as the collar riding up into my chin can be a bit scratchy.

Time will tell how well it standards up to regular use (abuse?).

I have cold feet. I have ordered slippers.

Why you should Vaccinate your Child

June 6th, 2010 2 comments

For the first time in many years, I have purchased an actual printed magazine.

The June 2010 cover of North & South magazine is a shocking photo of a six year old girl with all four of her limbs amputated. It’s a shocking, distressing photo, and New Zealand needs to see it.

The photo illustrates what happens when you children are not vaccinated. The percentage of people without immunity drops below the levels required for herd immunity levels, and the chance of infection by those who cannot receive vaccinations for one reason or another sky-rockets. This is what happens when in the name of being “fair and balanced”, equal time is given by news organisations to a cartel of charlatans and deliberately ignorant anti-scientific alternative medicine quacks who have the audacity to pass themselves off as authoritative.

Fortunately, N&S chose not to pander to these clowns. The Editorial column has the following to say;

“North & south makes no apology this month for championing childhood vaccinations. We did not seek out the extreme anti-immunisation campaigners for ‘balance’, because their arguments aren’t balanced.”