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March 6th, 2011

Hi, my name is Edward, and I’m an audiophile.

I’m also cheap. I refuse to spend several thousand dollars on a CD player and fiddling around with swapping discs, when I’ve already gone to the trouble of ripping all my music to highly convenient FLAC files. Instead, I cheated. I did buy some nice speakers and an amp, but I’m not going to discuss those. Suffice to say that they are nice.

What I did buy, is a tiny silent computer made by NorhTec in Thailand, and a USB soundcard, made by Pro-Ject Audio, who reside in the Czech Republic. The computer is JrMX Microclient. It has a one gigahertz 586 compatible processor, 512 MB of ram, USB and ethernet ports, and in my version, internal space for a half-terabyte 2.5″ laptop hard drive. The delivered cost for this to New Zealand was USD$149 + USD$49 shipping, plus another hundred odd for the hard drive.

On to the computer, I loaded the latest version of the Debian* operating system, and the music playing software mpd. Onto my phone, I loaded MPDroid, which let’s me control said music software from my phone.

All my music is now on this computer, which I can control from my phone. This means I can come home, pull out my phone, and have all my music instantly available. I have no need to turn on my desktop, mess about with a laptop, external hard drives, insufficiently sized iPods, fumble with a poorly designed TV driven menu, sort through CDs, or any other such nonsense, it’s all just there.

It’s running. In a month or so, I might put up some technical details of the software, and how well it works in practice.

* Ubuntu doesn’t support the Ethernet module. Nobody seems to be quite sure why.

  1. March 23rd, 2011 at 19:53 | #1

    We have all our music on the server at our house too (thanks to living with you – there was abit of me complaining to the boy that I want it to be just like when I lived with Edward that meant this was my Christmas present).
    Some friends who come over now have the excitement of being able to choose the music from their phones and laptops (we have sad friends) and driving each other crazy as they all fight over the playlist.
    It is particularly useful when I can’t quite manage the walk from the couch to the stereo, or when the phone rings and you can turn the stereo down using your mobile before you answer the call.

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