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Asus V3-P5G31 SATA Power Imbalance

December 15th, 2009 Comments off

asus_p5g31_smallA month or two ago, I purchased an Asus V3-P5G3 Barebones kit to replace my very aging Athlon PC that was getting louder and more capricious by the day.

In a fit of misplaced brand loyalty, I decided to go for Asus components where possible, figuring that if everything was Asus, and I had some strange hardware issue, I could let them sort it out. I put in a EN9600GT Silent video card and massive Zalman CNPS7700-ALCU*, and things ran great – not to mention quietly.

A little bit later, I finally picked up a new DVD drive (again, Asus) and a new SATA hard drive to replace the well-out-of-warranty EIDE hard drive that I had been using. I have them on my desk right now.

The above kit has a single EIDE connector, and four SATA ports. For some strange reason, Asus has attached to the power supply four legacy molex connectors and a single SATA power connector. It’s just retarded. Nor did they include any converter cables. I have 1.5 TB of inaccessible hard drive space, because I need the optical drive to install the new OS!

* Photos to follow at a later date.

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