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Krakow, Poland

March 21st, 2010 Comments off

Now in Berlin, Germany. Day two. It’s raining. Bah. I shall talk about Berlin later.

Krakow, Poland was awesome. Aaron says that if they banned smoking in pubs, he would move there. I am inclined to agree. There’s a sense of history and tradition, but modern amenities are there as well. And, the people are very friendly. We drank a little beer, and a lot of Vodka. Apparently, the right way to drink polish vodka is in ice cold glasses, with room temperature vodka.

We went to the Auschwitz museum. I didn’t look at every single exhibit, since I frankly didn’t have the stomach for it, and I really didn’t feel like visiting the Birkenau camp afterwards. I think it’s important to have these reminders of our past, not just as part of our history, but also as a warning for future generations.

The day after, we visited the Salt Mines at Wieliczka. Salt was produced here from the 1280s to 1994. The mine has well over 200 km of galleries and shafts. The tour took us through a small portion of this, and went from 65 meters underground to 165 meters underground, touching on the history of production and the mines effect on the economy over the years.

Also, there’s the castle, the Dragon of Krakow, and lots of churches.

Oh, Europcar eventually refunded my money, although they never replied to my email.

Krakow, Poland – Day One

March 16th, 2010 Comments off

We spent one night in Stuttgart and took an early train to Prague. In hindsight, I would have happily spent another day in Stuttgart, checking out their Planetarium and the car museums run by Porsche and Mercedes-Benz. The locals were friendly, the food was reasonably priced, both unlike Strasbourg.

We arrived in Prague, and spent approximately twenty four hours there before bailing. Bluntly, the old city is now a tourist trap. There’s a few incredibly cool buildings and chuches, but you can do those in a day, and everything except beer is more expensive than London.

Europcar still has not refunded the deposit against my VISA card, which I neither signed nor PIN’d for. Grr.

Anyway, took an overnight train from Prague to Krakow, Poland (there’s only one). The sleeper car was old, but not ancient, but clean and serviceable. Krakow has so far turned out to be awesome, happily work with what English they may or may not know (and don’t refuse you service because you don’t) people are nice, and the staff at the Hostel are incredibly helpful.

I just don’t have any money, due to Europcar being dicks.

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